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One Week Left Until The Election – Judge Sean Delahanty


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election one week left

Remind your friends and family that we have one week left until the election.  This is it.  Do they know who is running for their districts?  DO they know what district they live in?  One week and it is all decided, no one can be upset about government if they don’t take an active role in helping to decide who represents them.

Whats Being Decided?

  • There is a change to the state constitution that affirms victim rights before the accused is declared guilty.  It is up to you to decide where the state constitution should stand on this debate.
  • Who will lead the embattled JCPS School Board after a compromise prevented state take over?  What qualifications should a school board member hold?
  • Who will lead Metro Louisville over the next four years as mayor?  Greg Fischer or Amy Lent are your choices and each offers different views of how well Louisville is doing today.
  • Half of Louisville Metro Council will be decided next week.  Do you live in an odd numbered district?
  • Who should be a judge in this community?  District and Circuit court judges are all on the ballot and this is your chance to help decide who determines how our courts will be run.
  • Are you happy with the state legislature recent laws?  All of the state house seats are being voted on next week.  A third of all the state senate seats are being elected next week.
  • Are housing values assessed fairly?  Do you feel the county clerks office runs well?  Does the sheriff’s office perform up to your expectations?  All county offices such as PVA, County Clerk, County Attorney, Sheriff and Constable are being decided in one week.  What is a Constable?
  • Do you live in a suburban city?  If so the offices within your city government are likely being decided in this election.  Mayor of Lyndon, Mayor of St. Matthews, Mayor of Shively are all on the ballot.

Voter Guide

If you or a friend don’t know what offices are on the ballot our voter guide can tell you.  If you’re unsure where to vote we can tell you.  If you are unsure about any of the points above go to our voter guide and we provide information and links to help you make an informed decision.

The election is November 6, 2018 and you have 7 days left to help build the community you want to live in.

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